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Labor of Love

There is something in each and everyone of us that makes us special... a heart of gold, a unique talent, an ear to listen, or a passion to make a difference. Through the years, we have been lucky enough to meet lots of people that truly have inspired us in many different ways through their talents, through their passions, through their friendships, through their kind words. Sandy is one them. We met quite some time ago volunteering with a phenomenal group and sharing the love of dogs. As time passed, not only did we volunteer together, but we became friends. We looked forward to her bright spirit and her kind words. She had a heart of gold, a nurturing spirit, and a talent for making doggy scarves, bandanas, and belly bands. Some of you may know Sandy or her crafty talent. She uses her labor of love to make our pups look extra special and donates 100% to Pawtastic Friends. Through the years her craftiness has helped many scholars train and swim. It doesn't stop there tho. For me, Sandy has been a friend, whose kind words have helped me muddle through many challenges in rescue. She may not have known, but her words of encouragement really did make a difference. Thank you Sandy and all the others who make a difference everyday. Your brightness does not go unnoticed.  Much love  Melissa & Michael 

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