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Age is just a number

Sometimes in the darkest hours when all hope is lost and you feel defeat, that fire in your heart reminds you that you must never give up. Tank was one of many dogs needing rescue transfer last year. I arranged for Shannon, Chelsea, and I to meet the dogs in person... to put a personality and story with each name. Upon meeting Tank and the others, I felt that fire burn in my heart. To be honest, it overwhelmed me with emotion and became my mission. Tank was an older guy, 8 years old. He had been waiting since May 21, 2018. 

His notes said he was a resource guarder. His spirit was broken but his eyes were hopeful. Time was running out and the thought of failure was almost unbearable for me. Tank was the last one left and there had to be a place for him. There just had to be, and there was. I got the message from Pits 2 Pets after midnight on that very last day. When I asked Anne, are you sure you have room, she said we will make it work and we did. He started enrichment training and made remarkable strides, he was reunited with wonderful volunteers who loved him so. His zest for life was starting to resurface and the kind guidance from his trainer Shannon set him up for success. We received an email from a couple that was looking for a new family member. They tried different avenues with no luck, but that luck would soon change. Upon meeting Tank, they were in love. Next, Tank would meet their pup Stella, and they would begin their social sessions, to set the whole family up for success. Today, Tank was officially adopted. Tank is the perfect example that age is just a number. Sure he was older and perhaps set in his ways, but with hope, the will to succeed, and an army of cheerleaders, he found his happily ever after. We can only hope one day they will all find families..... miracles can happen if we believe. ❤ 


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