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This to shall pass.......

In a world of uncertainty, one thing that remains constant is the dogs that need us. The fortunate ones have foster homes, but yet the majority live in boarding facilities. They live in kennels 24/7 and look forward to training, swimming, walks or outings with volunteers, really anything that gives them a break from their kennel. Not only Las Vegas, but the whole world is going through this most difficult, hard to comprehend, time. Many are ill, many have lost their jobs, many small businesses are suffering. The list goes on and really is devastating. I went to the store yesterday and was horrified to see the way people were behaving. It saddened me to see elders not being able to get a loaf of bread or meat, or even milk. We are suppose to help each other, but clearly most were out for themselves.... my faith in humanity completely lost. Reality is... this is affecting all of us including the dogs we advocate for. Please don't forget about them. In this sad time, consider volunteering, or fostering. They need us and too be honest, we need them more then anything right now to remind us to be kind to each other, help each other, and love each other.

Read that again...

Be kind to each other, help each other, love each other

The lessons we learn from our furry friends

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