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Let the light shine.......

The last couple months have been difficult for all of us.... heartbreaking. Many have lost their lives, many have lost their jobs, and many businesses have not survived. It's been devastating to see the world at the mercy of this enemy called Covid-19. We have had to cancel our 2 biggest fundraisers, but have kept a consistent normalcy for our scholars, as that is our main priority. The lack of apparel sales was boosted by Sandy's mask sales. Sometimes we have to overcome obstacles... but that's life. When I turn on the news, I see more devastation and my heart hurts so much for so many on so many different levels... my spirit diminished. But, that little spark that is dimming tells me that humanity still exists and will prevail. It just has to, we must never lose hope ever. That being said thank you to all of you... volunteers, trainers, sponsors for all the light you shine. You're kindness and love keep my spark shining and my hope alive. 

Much love & gratitude 



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