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Madeline, from Rags To Riches

Madeline entered the shelter in October 2016. Many thought she was a lost cause. She lived a very lonely life for almost 3 years. She ultimately found herself on the euthanasia list for being unpredictable. Thankfully, Pits To Pets came to her rescue in September 2019. She was put in boarding and was immediately enrolled in Pawtastic Friends Enrichment Training Program.

Unfortunately, boarding was extremely stressful for Madeline. So PF ‘Trainer to the Stars’ Shannon took her in and fostered her, changing her life. Shannon worked with Madeline daily to build her confidence and ability to trust. Shannon integrated Madeline into her pack and for the first time she learned what it meant to be part of a family.

With each passing day, and a lot of hard work, Madeline came out of her shell. She learned how to be a happy dog. She was the princess of the house and loved playing with her foster brothers, who each longed for Madeline’s attention.

Madeline was passed up many times for adoption. She required a special owner, one who was patient and committed to her continual recovery. Pawtastic Friends and Madeline never gave up hope. Nineteen months later in April 2021, Madeline found her happily ever after and was the 443rd adopted Pawtastic Friends dog. Her dad loves her and she was the missing piece to their family. Madeline also has a furry sister and they are best buds.

Pawtastic Friends Enrichment Training gave Madeline a second chance for the life she truly deserved. Would you like to sponsor a Pawtastic Friends Dog and be the reason a rescue dog finds their fur-ever home?