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My Gratitude

Volunteers are the heart of any organization. We have some of the best and they inspire me everyday. They give their time, they give their talents, and they give their heart. Especially in today's world,  with all the challenges we face, it's not always easy. There are so many moving parts to Pawtastic Friends volunteers... walkers, transporters, event volunteers, apparel folders, donation pick ups and deliveries, and so much more. But, there is a lot behind the scenes that no one sees. I wanted to say thank you to Joanne and Tom for being my heroes. I pride myself in making sure no training session goes without an update, but working full time I found it hard to keep up. These two amazing people & dear friends changed that for me. They are the ones that work daily creating the videos to spotlight our scholars, so I can do the write ups. Together we have become this social media team with a mission to consistently network and share every one of our scholars. They put in endless hours working in the late nights and early mornings and I can't thank them enough for all they do for not only me but for every Pawtastic Friends enrichment training scholar. You guys make me want to do more and be a better person and the world needs more of that. 

Much love 



They are both the best!!!


Sunny Rosen
Sunny Rosen
Sep 21, 2020

Tom and Joanne r the Best!!

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