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Pawtastic Volunteer Spotlight - KEITH

Definition of Dedication: Self-sacrificing, devotion and loyalty.

WOW, that describes Pawtastic Friends’ Volunteer Keith!!!

Keith has been a part of the PF Tuesday Boarding Buddies team since 2018. He is there (rain or shine, hot or cold) to walk the rescue dogs. Keith also takes a dog on an outing every Tuesday. They explore different parks, enjoy quality time walking and relaxing, and finish off the morning with a McDonalds treat! No wonder all the dogs love him! (He also brings the best treats to spoil them)

Keith & Apollo

Then every Thursday, he transports a lucky dog to swim and spoils them with a special outing for breakfast on the patio at Egg Works. Not sure who enjoys breakfast more, Keith or the dog! 🤣

And if that is not enough, when the dogs are featured on a Local News segment, Keith makes sure they get to and from the station.

Over the years, Keith has helped so many dogs build confidence and trust with his calm, kind, nurturing ways…. Apollo, Dexter, Mac & Haydog to name a few. Volunteers like Keith are the heart of Pawtastic Friends. We are so grateful to have Keith on the PF team! He is truly a wonderful, dedicated, compassionate person, and always a joy to be around. Thank you Keith!


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