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TANK, From Rags to Riches!

Check out Tank! He appears to be the luckiest dog in the world. What you don’t see is the horrific life Tank endured before Pawtastic Friends stepped in. He was days away from being euthanized before we offered him a life line.

Tank's adoptive family

In May of 2018, Tank was dropped off at a local animal shelter because his family did not have the time or patience to provide him with the

training and support, he so desperately needed. Tank spent a year in a 4 x 6 ft. kennel with limited exposure to humans or the outdoors. He lacked socialization and did not receive affection. A little over a year passed and Tank was deemed unadoptable, and put on the euthanasia list. That’s when we stepped in.

We contacted Pits to Pets, one of our rescue partners, and requested placement for Tank with the understanding that we would provide the training and socialization that Tank needed to find his fur-ever home. Over the next few months, Pawtastic Friends (with the help of generous donors) was able to enroll Tank in Enrichment Training classes. Tank learned leash skills, commands and confidence. He exercised his mind with puzzles and loved showing off his skills on the agility course!


Finally in early 2020, we received a call from a couple looking to add another dog to their family. After determining Tank would be a perfect match, they met. Do you believe in Love at First Sight?

Well the rest is history. Pawtastic Friends assisted in the transition of Tank to his new family, & furry sibling Stella, by providing several social sessions to ensure the adoption was successful.

Tank’s new family can’t imagine life without him and they are his heroes! Tank is a local celebrity winning the FANtastic Photo Contest with his sister for

Pawtastic Friends Enrichment Training gave Tank a second chance at the life he truly deserved. With your donations, we can continue to offer these life saving training programs to dogs in need of guidance.

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Sunny Rosen
Sunny Rosen
09 mrt. 2021

Way to Go Pawtastic Friends!! So Happy for Tank!

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