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Thank you Coach Cyndee

I Finished The Yeti Challenge!

What the heck is the Yeti Challenge? Well you know me I have to keep things interesting so last week I mentioned I was going to do this silly thing like run 5 miles every 4 hours for 24 hours. Well I started last weekend on Saturday at 7:30am and finished Sunday morning at 6:30am! I had to add an extra 1.25 miles to make it an even 50K! (Only my runner friends will understand that) I did it and only decided to take up the challenge a few days before. I also decided to try and raise money for a great organization that helps rescue pups since their annual fundraiser was canceled due to COVID19. They usually raise $15,000 at their annual fundraiser and that provides training for rescue dogs for 3 months. I hoped to raise a couple hundred dollars since I only had a few days. Thanks to all my amazing clients and friends I raised just over $1,000!

My dog Pacer ran 19.5 miles with me, she could have done the entire thing but it was too hot during the day for a few of the runs and the midnight run she was like no thanks I'll sleep!

If you didn't donate and want to you can donate on their website. They also have great lounge wear they sell and all the proceeds from that go to their cause. Here is a picture of me in their hat and tank top. They have t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants so go check it out.


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