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Yogi, Forever in our Hearts

An animal finds their way to a shelter or rescue due to many different reasons… stray, lost, abandoned, or surrendered. As volunteers, our hope for each animal we meet along the way is they find their happily ever after. For some it comes quickly, but for others it takes a little time. None the less, while they wait, we love them with all our heart. We walk them, we bathe them, we take them on adventures, and so much more. Our mission is simple, we give them hope and lift their spirits during a sometimes confusing time.

Each one has their own attributes that make them one of a kind.

Yogi was handsome, smart, gentle, fun loving, and loyal. A volunteer favorite, he brightened our days with his zest for life. He taught us many lessons and was a true example of perseverance. We will miss him dearly.

He loved training and was a natural on the agility course; an A+ student eager to learn and experience new things.

He was the perfect passenger in the car and a gentleman on walks.

He loved the ladies and our hearts melted when we looked deep in to his eyes.

A great snuggler, Yogi was always up for catching some zzzz no matter where.

He was a top assistant, picking up and inspecting holiday treat drive totes.

A super sniffer, he loved Rescue Dog Nose Work class. He really shined with all his girlfriends cheering him on, while helping him build confidence.

He came to life when he came to the training center. He lit up with happiness, smiled from ear to ear, loved playing with toys, and dressing up for holidays.

Yogi savored every moment with his friends, as we savored every moment with him.

So we share this video in honor of Yogi and all the precious memories we made together. Although we are overcome with sadness, we will keep his memory tucked away in our hearts always.

We love you Yogi


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