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How to spend National Doggy Date Night

February 3rd is National Doggy Date Night and Pawtastic Friends is celebrating! Today you should slow down and take time to spend time with your furry friend(s).

Here are our suggestions for your Doggy Date Night Activity:

Tip #1 - Visit Starbucks for a Puppuccino

There is nothing better than enjoying some Starbucks with your pet and the best part about puppuccinos is they are free! (But it’s best to get with a paid drink)

Tip #2 - Play Date

Head to the park or Red Rock Canyon for a game of fetch or a hike. Take a couple of selfies of you and the pup to commemorate the occasion and post them on our Facebook/Instagram/Twitter page.

In 1955, Disney premieres its animated classic "Lady and the Tramp", featuring the most iconic doggy date yet.

Tip #3 - Dog Spa

Primping and pampering are not just for people! Celebrate Doggy Date Night with a little indulgence for your pooch. Schedule an appointment at Scent Hound Rhodes Ranch today.

Tip #4 - Take a Swim

Schedule a swim at Canine Bodywork & Aquatics wellness center. Your best friend will enjoy swimming and floating in the water as well as a massage by owner, Kathy. This is a great way to improve your dog’s emotional and physical wellbeing.

Tip #5 - Dinner for Two

Take your dog to Lazy Dog Café and enjoy dinner on their outdoor patio. Your date can enjoy a grilled hamburger or grilled chicken breast with brown rice. Two Las Vegas locations to serve you- Town Square or Downtown Summerlin.

Fun Fact:


In a recent poll, single and married dog owners were asked who they would rather take on a date – their dog or a significant other.

1 OUT OF 5 said they would rather take their dog out than their romantic partner.

Doggie date night is the perfect time to bond with your canine, and it can include activities both of you will enjoy. Your dog will get the attention it craves, and you will get some unconditional love and a little hair stuck to your clothes!

Don’t forget to post your pictures!


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